Those guys really should have stepped their money-out-of-thin-air game up.

The big boys deal in trillions.

Who is this guy?

Ben Bernake, former chairman of the Federal Reserve, architect of quantitative easing and the housing bubble

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Interesting little tidbit of info.


Interesting little tidbit of info.

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oh yah our sign has been updated…here till 8pm tonight #flat128 #westvillage #waveofthefuture


oh yah our sign has been updated…here till 8pm tonight #flat128 #westvillage #waveofthefuture

You may not control all the events that happen to you, but you can decide not to be reduced by them.
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anarcho-bootyist said: There was a HUUUUUGE campaign when the FBI first came around to smear anarchism as a political theory and that's where a lot of the "anarchists as people committing random violence" comes from. There's still idiot ancoms and syndicalists, but most serious anarchists who are writing literature and advancing ideas are either ancaps or left libertarians of some sort. Look into Charles Johnson, Kevin Carson, Roderick Long and of course Murray Rothbard to get some better ideas of the philosophy


Of course nowadays I don’t believe that garbage, but I’m more so impressed at how effective that campaign was in shaping the view on even the word itself. Anarchy is almost always perceived to be synonymous with chaotic violence and the entire nation being within a state of disarray. Even that fucking movie the Purge makes me sick because people should know better by now.  

It’s like McCarthyism but it’s been going on for over 200 years now, and that’s actually terrifying. Like people will immediately turn up their nose at the word Anarchy because it immediately evokes images of shit on fire, but will say “communism looks good on paper” and be completely okay with a person being the state’s bitch.

Man I feel like a dick, but that’s a good thing.  





Inspiring! Open carry demonstrators protest police violence in Dallas. Members of the Huey P. Newton Gun Club march through the streets of South Dallas in protest of police violence in their community. I am sure liberals would accuse these folks of being white racists. Always remember, gun control is racist.

Spread the word! #BlackOpenCarry

That’ll help.

It helped in Nevada. The BLM backed down because all of America was watching to see who would slip up first. Rather than bringing in riot police against armed protestors in Nevada, the Federal government instead backed off.

That may not always be the case, but when your civil liberties are on the line, peaceful disobedience is necessary if it means the protection of your community and everyone’s rights.

I can’t even express how happy these images make me.

I love seeing people stand up for themselves. More power to them.

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How to stop police brutality.

The history of gun control is, you guessed it, very racist.

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Did the state ever cut your taxes?

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